How to set up your club

If you would like to start a new club we recommend you do the following.

  1. Contact Artistic Roller Skating Ireland (ARSI) – Contact us and we will give you help and advice for starting. You should also contact us so that you can be affiliated with us to benefit from being part of the association.
  2.  As with all sports clubs you will need a committee and a constitution to ensure proper governance of your club. ARSI can help you with this.
  3. You will need to have a child protection policy in place and you will need a child protection officer. ARSI can help you with this.
  4.  Get the Word Out- You will need to get the word out that you are starting a club to find people interested in joining.
  5. Find a Venue-You will need to find an indoor venue with a floor that is suitable for skating.

How do I spread the word about our club?

The biggest problem you will have starting a new club is that nobody will know you are there. There will be people interested in skating but they won’t know there are clubs they can join. The best way to publicise the fact that you are starting a club would be:

  • Ask us to publish a news article on this site saying where the club is starting and who to contact in relation to joining the club.
  • Print posters and put them up in local sports halls, schools, notice boards etc.
  • Submit an article in your local newspaper, newsletter.
  • If you have a Facebook profile, create a new page for the club and invite your friends to join and get their friends to like and share your page.
  • Email the other skating clubs around the country. They may know someone in the area who would like to join.

What equipment do I need to have?

There is a set of mandatory equipment that all skaters are required to wear during all skating activities such as training sessions and competitions. Skaters are required to have the following equipment for all artistic roller skating activities:

  • Wrist guards -All skaters must wear wrist guards.
  • Knee Pads- All skaters must wear knee pads.
  • Elbow Pads- Optional
  • Clothing-Suitable clothing must be worn when training. Skating dresses are required for competitions.
  • Skates-Inline figure skates or roller skates. Skates must be free of any unsafe protrusions.